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You’ve Already Started Your Financial Journey. 

But Without a Guide, How Can You See What’s Coming?

We Can Light the Way.

Discover Luminary

We’re Luminary Financial Advisors.

Your independent, experienced financial guide committed to offering the personalized attention needed to help reach & conquer life’s next steps.

And Here’s What We Can Do For You

Help Determine & Define Your Goals

Bring Organization to Your Financial Life

Offer Over Two Decades of Industry Insights

Give Access to Your Personal, Secure Financial Dashboard

Help You Minimize Taxes in Retirement

Educate & Empower Your Financial Decision Making

Meet Warren Photo

Meet Warren

Warren Burger | Founder & CEO

When I ran trading desks on Wall Street for 27 years, I learned a lot more about money than simply investing.  

I learned that emotion is not your friend when it comes to finances…

I learned that managing risk is as important as building wealth…

And I learned that paying taxes is inevitable – but leaving a tip for the IRS is not.  

Now, as an independent financial advisor, I help my clients avoid making the same common blunders I saw over and over again as an institutional trader and finance expert.

But more than helping my clients avoid expensive mistakes…

What I really love is helping my clients figure out the right moves.  Moves that help them reach their goals and realize their dreams. 

Because the truth is your ideal financial plan is as unique as your fingerprint - no two are alike. 

And that’s why I founded Luminary Financial Advisors. 

I left Wall Street to pursue my own personal dream: a second act in life working with people, not institutions. 

I wanted to use my three decades of industry knowledge and my passion for finance to help everyday people instead of big banks and major corporations. I wanted to make a real difference in real people’s lives. And Luminary Financial Advisors allows me to do just that.

Helping others feel empowered and confident in their financial future has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. Relieving the worry in a client’s eyes as we forge a path ahead together makes me feel like I’ve completed a job well done.

Education, Designations & Registrations

I earned my bachelor’s of science in Business, Management and Economics from SUNY Empire State College and my MBA in International Business from the Florida Institute of Technology.

I currently have my FINRA Series 65 registration and certificate in Financial Planning from the College for Financial Planning.

Outside of the Office

My wife, Maura, and I have two beautiful daughters, Hannah and Addison. When I’m not behind a desk, I love getting outdoors as much as possible - surfing, skiing, hiking with my dogs, cycling and listening to live music. I enjoy spending my free time volunteering with the Bike Ministry at my local church. We fix and rebuild bicycles for adults in need, as these bikes are often their only means of transportation.

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If Life Feels Like a Balancing Act,

You Could Probably Use a Hand to Keep Things Steady

Growing your family, paying off a home, advancing in your career.

Reaching your peak earning years is about so much more than making money and saving diligently.

Does This Sound Like You?

You’re Kids Are Off To College

Preparing For the Retirement Lifestyle You’ve Always Imagined

We Can Help.

Our founder, Warren, has over 27 years of institutional trading & financial industry experience. Working as an independent advisor for families just like yours, Warren brings his insights and institutional-level management skills toward helping you organize and optimize your financial path forward. 

Living, Holistic Financial Planning

Building a financial plan is at the foundation of what we do. We start by understanding what’s keeping you up at night, what milestones are headed your way and what you want your financial future to look like. From there, we develop tailored solutions and offer our unbiased advice to address every aspect of your financial picture. And because we believe finding true financial freedom is an ongoing process, we’re dedicated to standing by your side as you evolve and move through every stage of life.

Our Financial Planning Solutions Include

  • Cash Management
  • Debt Analysis
  • Portfolio Assessment
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate planning
  • College funding
  • Insurance analysis
  • Retirement planning
  • Employee benefit analysis
  • Charitable gifting

Interested in Seeing What Working With Us Will Look Like For You?

Learn About the Next Steps   or     View Our Fees

Your portfolio is an integral part of any financial plan.

Together, we can work to grow what you need and focus on protecting what you already have. As part of our fiduciary duty to act in your best interest, we put a special focus on aligning your portfolio with the rest of your financial picture and long-term goals.

We Bring Value to Your Portfolio By

  • Acting as an unbiased sounding board
  • Separating emotions about money from financial decision making
  • Taking care of the heavy lifting for you
  • Giving back your time & energy to focus on more important matters
  • Leveraging 27+ years of experience in institutional trading
  • Aligning your portfolio with your future financial needs

We’re Dedicated to Managing Your Portfolio Based on You

Not the Hottest Trends in Trading

If That Sounds Like What You Need, We Should Talk. 

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When It Comes To Retirement Planning We Have 2 Main Objectives: 

  1. Help you live the life you have always dreamed without ever worrying about running out of money
  2. Saving you money on taxes throughout your retirement

We Specialize in Helping You Achieve A Stress-Free Retirement With Dignity And Independence...Without Leaving A Tip To The IRS

As you start buckling down on your retirement planning options, we can help you with:

  • Retirement Tax Planning
  • Income Distribution Strategies
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Strategizing Your Medicare Options
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Legacy and Estate Planning

Are You Nearing or Just Entered Retirement? 

We’re Here to Help 

Schedule a Time to Talk

Help Us Shed Some Light

On Your Own Financial Picture

Before We Can Illuminate Your Path Forward 

We Need to Understand Where You’re Headed Today

Step 1:


Let's Talk


We’ll start things off with a 30-minute phone call. This will allow us to further introduce our firm and ask questions about you, your family and your finances.

Step 2:


Vision & Values Meeting


If you think we may be a good fit for your unique concerns, we’ll get together either in person or virtually to further breakdown your needs, goals and how we can help.

Step 3:


Getting Organized


During this time, we’ll start taking a deeper dive into your current financial standing as we gather any relevant data and ensure we have what we need to start developing your tailored plan.

Step 4:


Explore Possibilities Meeting


Once we’ve had some time to look over and assess your financial picture, we’ll develop our custom strategies and solutions based on the financial path you’d like to see yourself taking. We’ll make adaptations together to ensure every piece is well-suited to your goals and level of comfortability.

Step 5:


Implementation & Ongoing Review 


When you’re educated on your options and comfortable with the strategies presented, we’ll get to work putting your plan into place. From here, we’ll be available any time to text, email or call with questions, concerns or to discuss new developments in your financial life.

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